Fueled By Nature.

We are convinced that nature has the greatest power to drive athletes. The 3 pillars of MNSTRY.

1 | The nature

Being driven by the power of nature is more than just sports nutrition. It embodies an attitude to life.

We consciously avoid artificial flavors, sweeteners and other allergens in our vegan products. Lactose, gluten and soy have no place with us either. After all, we know about the many intolerances. And that the stomach can react sensitively to those substances, especially under high stress, which reduces performance.

Instead, we only use ingredients that you really need under high stress levels. And of the highest quality and with a high content of natural minerals. Large proportions of real fruit extracts also provide you with valuable vitamins and antioxidants that promote your health.

2 | The science

Our product developer Robert Gorgos relies on the latest nutritional findings, years of experience in professional sports and his own research with “his” athletes.

Robert has developed our extraordinary drinks, gels and bars specifically for various purposes in training and competition. Sounds complicated? But it is not! With our fuel calculator you can easily calculate how you use the products and combine them with each other.

You can find out how you can generally achieve better performance in your sport through an optimal combination of nutrition and training in our large knowledge center. There we explain just as transparently why we use exactly those ingredients in our sports nutrition.

3 | The athletes

Robert advises many well-known athletes on nutritional issues, including the World Tour cycling team BORA - Hansgrohe and a Bundesliga soccer team. Due to this close connection, his recipes are always developed and further developed by top athletes.

And that's why more and more top athletes and professional trainers rely on our special performance products. And especially from endurance-intensive sports in which it is important to be able to absorb high amounts of energy without putting strain on the digestive tract.

And athletes rely on us without hesitation: because our products have proven themselves at world-class level in all endurance sports & every batch is tested for doping substances by Informed Sport!