Our team | The idea behind MNSTRY

Discover our extraordinary company history

Peter Höschl

To finance a rainforest project, Peter wanted to import medicinal plant extracts from Peru and sell them in Germany 20 years ago.

It didn't work because in the end the risk of coming into conflict with the pharmaceutical industry was too great (expensive!). Peter nevertheless took off in online trading and became one of the best-known German e-commerce experts.

However, he never gave up the desire to use natural products to prove what powers exist in nature. And Peter always wanted to do something in the field of sports...

Co-Founder / Operations, Logistics & Service

Tobias Gellhaus

Tobi tried a few things in his youth to get bigger (faster). He just had to realize that in the long run some things were to the detriment of his health.

After taking over a baby specialty store in 2014, he met his then mentor Peter Höschl at an Amazon competition. The two got along well. So good that the two decided to found MNSTRY in 2019.

From then on, Tobi sold baby goods as well as gels, bars and (healthy!) protein shakes.

Co-Founder / Product Developer

Robert Gorgos

Robert is a luminary in his field. Even if he would never say that about himself. But nutritionist from the World Tour team BORA - Hansgrohe and nutritionist for other top athletes - you don't just become that.

He knows virtually everything about the various active ingredients and their biochemical effects in the body. Robert knew and knows every single sports nutrition product on the market. And he was never completely satisfied with what had existed up to that point.

It was a good thing that he met Peter in 2019. And joined MNSTRY to design their own products.

Co-Founder / Athlete Management

Christian Neitzert

Like Robert, Christan comes from professional cycling: he initially massaged the top riders at Team Gerolsteiner and was later also a physio for the German national cycling team.

He is now active in the Bundesliga as an athletic and preventative trainer. Christian knows the needs of professional athletes like no other. And he always wants to make “his” athletes better.

That's why Christian was also passionate about the idea of ​​developing sports nutrition that enables more performance - and at the same time takes health aspects into account.

Other employees

Julia (Sports Scientist & Certificate “Advanced Sports Nutrition”)

Vera (B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences & Sports Nutritionist)

Johanna (MA Sport & Nutrition)

Lennart (cyclist)

Linda (marathon runner)

Eric (strength athlete)

Tom (former football athlete),