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Our performance sports nutrition has been specially developed for the specific purposes of training & competition.

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Frequently asked product questions

Have a look at our fuel calculator. There you will find recommended dosages for the individual sports and purposes.

In our active ingredient lexicon, you will find a detailed explanation of all the ingredients we use. You can find out transparently why we use exactly those ingredients in our products - and what functions they fulfill for you.

POWERCARB can be dosed higher per 500ml bottle than FAST CARB (we recommend 80g KH per 500ml bottle of POWER CARB and 40g KH per 500ml bottle of FAST CARB).

Example: If you want to consume 80g of carbohydrates per hour, you can achieve this with POWER CARB in one bottle. FAST CARB would have to be divided into two bottles. So if you are only carrying/being given one bottle, POWER CARB makes more sense. The decision as to which product you take with you may therefore simply have logistical reasons. With POWER CARB, the focus is on energy (as the dosage is higher), with FAST CARB you also add more liquid (as more water is required for dosing).

With FAST CARB, the glucose/fructose ratio is 2:1, which enables maximum carbohydrate absorption. POWER CARB has a slightly higher ratio: the carbohydrates are therefore absorbed via the intestine with a slight delay.

POWER CARB contains real pineapple powder (which can soothe the digestive system) & FAST CARB contains real raspberry fruit powder (which is also very healthy & tastes super delicious).

No, it is not mold. This is due to the natural ingredients, which "react" accordingly. There might be some crystallized cocoa butter on the surface (fat bloom) and some isomaltulose crystals. This can make the bars a little grayish.

Yes, every batch is tested at Informed Sport. Proof can be found here. Just search for MNSTRY.

Unfortunately, the Blender Bottles are not suitable for hot drinks. According to the official website: "The robust, double-walled insulation of the Radian Shaker keeps it cold for up to 24 hours, but is not suitable for hot drinks."

The gels generally work without water. However, it is advisable to take a small sip, as mango in particular can be perceived as very sweet, which is not a must, but the fluid requirement must also be covered regardless of the need for carbohydrates.

Tip: Take the gel just before the refreshment point and then drink it.

It is best to put the powder in first and then top up with water. The water must not be too cold, otherwise it will dissolve less easily.

But sedimentation cannot always be avoided, especially when it is cold outside.

The RECOVERY SHAKE and RECOVERY 8 contain raw cane sugar, but no refined sugar. Otherwise, it's all natural sweetness.

In principle, children of all ages from the age of four can use our products. Children often react less well to long periods of exercise and tolerate shorter, more intensive exercise better.

Their carbohydrate consumption is basically the same as that of adults. However, the total consumption is naturally lower due to the lower body mass. Children often know intuitively what they need and can tolerate.

Our recommendation: for example, dose FAST CARB with 30g/500ml or POWER CARB with 50g/500ml.

Our products are generally very well tolerated.However, there can also be exceptions here, e.g. in the case of fructose intolerance (we have an interesting blog post on this!)

The question is whether you have a fructose intolerance or a fructose malabsorption (this is much more common).

To improve tolerance in the latter case, only training ("train the gut") will help, i.e. start using the product slowly and increase the dose.

If you continue to have problems, you should really have your fructose tolerance tested.